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[fic] The Pins, Chapter 3

Title: The Pins
Characters: Spain, Romano, Belgium(in this chapter). Mentions of others.
Rating: PG13 safely
Summery: Sometimes we don't pay attention to the things we need the most. Sometimes we throw things away with no care in the world about their value. And sometimes, it hurts when we realize it.
Notes: I AM A JERK. But Ive had weeks of writer block, non inspiration, and homework assignments. And then, coming back to bring you this piece of fail.... I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy...

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[fic] The Pins, Chapter 2

Title: The Pins
Rating: Pg13. On the safe side. or just T
Characters: In this Chapter: Spain, Romano, Veneciano, France and Prussia.
Pairings: Eventual Spamano
Summery: To save their family, Lovino gave up something that everyone needs, but he thought he could easily do without. What happens when he finds out that he's wrong........
Notes: SUPER long chapter here folks. Like, 1000 words longer then the last one...... yeah ;;^^ Hope you like long chapters!

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ling hearts

[fic] The Pins Prologue

Title: The Pins 
Rating: T 
Characters/Pairings: Eventual Spain/Romano
Summery: AU. Lovino and his brother live alone on a farm. But there's a problem: Feliciano is sick and not getting better, and none of their crops will grow. After trying every other option, he finds a solution. The cost is easy, something he had never cared about in his life. But later, things start to get a little more complicated......
Notes: Based off a poem by Tim Burton entitled The Voodoo Girl that inspired me. The poem is incorporated into the prologue and I hope you enjoy :3

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[fic] (We're) Fine

Title: (We're) Fine
Author: Me, ghibli22
Rating: Pretty PG 
Pairing: Spain/Romano
Prompt:Spain/Romano, something focused on Romano's insecurities about Spain always liking his brother more than him, and Spain (reading the atmosphere for once) realizing the problem and doing his best to assure Romano that Romano is indeed his favorite of the brothers. Can have Germany/Italy, but no other pairings but those two.
Summery: Antonio is struck with a rare moment of non-obliviousness. 
Notes: Its not really beta'd, because I wrote this over THREE TIMES and I wanted to get it finished so sorry about and mistakes in that department. But other then that, nonsensical, slightly cliche fluff.

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[Oneshot] Aftereffects

Title: Aftereffects
Rating: Pretty PG
Characters: Spain/Romano
Summery: yes, another World Cup Spamano fic XD
Notes: I know that this is just one of many Spamano fics/art that have started to circulate but I just thought I'd put in my two cents. Also, I'm feeling a bit sad tonight so I though posting tonight instead of Friday might make me feel better :>

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[fic] The Bad Friends Badass Carwash

 Title: The Bad Friends Badass Carwash
Author: Moi
Rating/Warning: Pretty PG except for shirtless Gilbert and Lovino's mouth
Pairings/Characters: Spain/Romano main, with side France/Seychelles and Prussia. Few cameos by other characters.
Prompt: Gauken AU, school fundraiser carwash. Bickering, water fights and fluff with any of the following pairs (can have all three if the author wants but no other's please!): America/England, Spain/Romano and France/Seychelles.
Notes: My Name for Seychelles is Marie-Louise, shortened to Marie, because its a name of one of the towns there ^^ Also I haven't written a oneshot in a while so I can't promise anything!

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