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[fic] Crashing Down, Chapter Two

Title: Crashing Down
Rating: PG13 or T or Whatever
Characters: France, England main with eventual FrUk. Cameos from others.
Summery: Arthur is your average London citizen: He works for a radios station and is attempting to pen his first novel. But Arthur is also the personification of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland..... What? What on earth is going on? And is Francis really th only one who can help?

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Drabble--Bedtime Stories

Title: Bedtime Stories
Characters/Pairings: Denmark/Norway
Rating: G, K, E for everyone
Genre: Comfort, Fluff
Summery: Denmark can't sleep
Words: 300 on the nose!
Notes: I know England is the obvious choice here but Norway has faeries too! Might continue into longer fic later.


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