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[fic] The Pins, Chapter 3

Title: The Pins
Characters: Spain, Romano, Belgium(in this chapter). Mentions of others.
Rating: PG13 safely
Summery: Sometimes we don't pay attention to the things we need the most. Sometimes we throw things away with no care in the world about their value. And sometimes, it hurts when we realize it.
Notes: I AM A JERK. But Ive had weeks of writer block, non inspiration, and homework assignments. And then, coming back to bring you this piece of fail.... I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy...

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[fic] Paintball for Dummies Ch.1

Title: Paintball for Dummies
Rating PG
Genre: Humor
Characters: America, Romano, Prussia, Switzerland, Australia, Hungary, Belgium, Seychelles, Liechtenstein, Belarus
Summery: The nations get ready for a friendly insane match of paintball.
Notes: Inspired by a discussion about secret shames of the nations. I stated that Liechtenstein liked playing laser tag and that inspired this, but since I know absolutely nothing about laser tag, I switched it to paintball instead :)


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