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[fic] A Successful Outing


            “Right. Why the hell are we doing this again?”

            Lovino was not happy. Some would argue that he was never happy but that wasn’t exactly true. He had a certain taste for the finer things in life. Good wine. Good food. Art. Tomatoes. A nice quiet night away from his brother with nothing to do but watch bad tv and hit the hay early.

            Fishing was not on his list.

            Antonio grinned, hands tapping against the steering wheel in time with the song on the radio, “Because its fun, Lovi! And we haven’t been fishing for such a long time.”

            “You ever think that maybe there’s a good reason for that?! And don’t call me Lovi. How many times do I have to tell you that to get it through your thick Spanish skull?!”

            Laughter as his only answer, Antonio turned up the volume a bit, “It can’t be that bad. You used to love it when you were little.”

            Scowling he scooted down farther into his seat, crossing his arms, “Yeah, when you would drag me to the lake against my will. Ever think that the only reason I enjoyed those trips was because you would always fall in?”

            Antonio smiled at him, “Well maybe I’ll fall in again today. Just for you~” Quickly he kissed his cheek before turning back to the road, humming along with the music now. Lovino’s face erupted in color as he pouted and turned his gaze out the window. Goddamn Antonio. Maybe they were officially… ‘together’ now (as of six days ago) but that didn’t mean he could just kiss him whenever he felt like it! Not that it was even a real kiss but that wasn’t the point!

            Deepening his scowl he pushed himself farther into the seat. Like hell he was going to let things change too much about them.




            When they finally arrived at what Antonio called “prime fishing real estate” Lovino didn’t get out of the car. He watched with a slightly smug smile as Antonio lifted the rods and their lunch from the truck, carrying them down to the bank before deciding to grace the ground with his presence. Twigs and leaves crunched under his feet as he made his way down, sitting on the blanket spread over a large flat rock, “So, bastard. When do we eat?”

            “Well you have to cat something first, Lovi!”

            Lovino fixed him with a blank stare that quickly developed into one of rage, “What?! Are you serious?!”

            Antonio laughed, completely unperturbed by his anger, “Of course I am! I mean, we have a few tomatoes and water and some chips but other then that we have to catch something!”

            He glared at the Spaniard before him, hoping beyond hopes that he would burst into flame, or maybe turn into a three course meal. It didn’t work, “You are a goddamned asshole.”


            Without another word he stood, grabbing a pole and walking to the very edge before plopping down on another rock. Sending a second glare over his shoulder he sneered, “Well? Get over here and start fishing, dammit! And bring me some bait while you’re at it!”

            Still chuckling to himself Antonio made his way over, stopping just behind him. Lovino scowled, “What the hell are you-?!”

            His rant was cut short by the large sun hat that was shoved onto his head. Spluttering he reached up to grab the brim, “What the hell is this?!”

            “It’s a sun hat, Lovi,” Antonio said, sitting down next to him and helping him bait his hook, “I don’t want you to get a sunburn!”

            “I’m not going to get a goddamn sunburn…” he mumbled, tossing his newly baited line into the water. And, placing his head in his hand, waited.




            Over an hour later, Lovino was sick of waiting. He was hot. He was starving. The sun was shinning right into his eyes.

            And that stupid bastard wouldn’t stop humming.

            All in all it wouldn’t have been so infuriating if he had picked another tune. But no. For the past sixty minutes. The same. Goddamn. Tune. Over and over again. He felt like if he listened to that same godforsaken string of notes one more time his brain would start oozing out his ears.

            “Would you kindly shut the hell up?!” he finally screamed, pulling on the fishing rod with an angry jolt. Antonio started, looking over at him with wide green eyes. Kicked puppy eyes.

            “But Lovi-”

            “Shit, fine! Just don’t look at me like that, dammit! Keep humming, or whatever it is you’re doing! But I’m going to go get some decent music!” Tossing his pole to the side he stood…

            And, slipping on a wet stone, fell butt first into the river.

            Lovino yelped, more from shock then anything, arms flailing as he splashed down, the impact causing enough water to reach his head, completely soaking him. In no time water was dripping from his hair and into his face, the thin material of his shirt clinging uncomfortably to his chest. Scowling deeply he wiped the moisture from his face, flicking at away with distaste, “Well isn’t this just- Bastard, are you laughing at me?!”

            Antonio was doubled over on his perch, laughter shaking his body as he clutched at his stomach. Under normal circumstances, Lovino probably would have thought about how attractive Antonio was when he laughed. How his whole face expressed his joy, eyes shinning and small, barely visible crows feet at the corner of his eyes. Then, of course, e would have blushed and shaken the offending thought from his head, only to be remembered when he was sure he was alone. But these were not normal circumstances, “Would you cut that out?! Its not funny dammit!”

            “S-sorry…!” he finally managed to choke out, standing, “Its just that you were talking about how many times I used to fall in, and then you did!”

            “Yeah, I realize, dumbass. Now are you going to help me out or just stand there like an idiot?!”

            Still smiling, Antonio extended his hand. Lovino took it, but instead of pulling himself up, yanked as hard as he could. Mouth opening and eyes widening, Antonio barely had two second to act shocked before falling face first into the water. Pushing his hair back, he watched as the other resurfaced, gasping for breath, “That wasn’t nice, Lovi!”

            He shrugged, “Serves you right for laughing at me, asshole.”

            “Lovino…” Antonio pouted, laying his head on his shoulder.

            “Shut up. I’m not apologizing.”

            He chuckled, “We’re never going to catch any fish like this.”

            “Which is why you should have brought something to eat!” he retorted, splashing him. Antonio’s smile didn’t go away.

            “How about this. We go home, get changed into some dry clothes, and then go out to an early dinner. Sound good?”

            Lovino frowned, “I’m going to need to eat something before that, idiot. Its only one thirty.”

            Antonio wrapped an arm around him, “I’ve got tomatoes, remember~”

            “… Fine. But you’re paying.”

            “I wouldn’t dream of doing anything different,” And with that, he leaned forward, pressing their lips together.

            Blush shooting up his neck, he jerked back, “Bastard! We’re soaking wet!”

            “So what? Our mouths are always wet.”

            “Y-Yeah, but-!”

            “Lovino,” Antonio placed a finger over his lips, “I love you, you know. Its not so strange that I want to kiss those adorable lips of yours, is it?”

            All he could do was watch, mind switching rapidly between break-neck speed and freeze frames, as the Spaniard once again leaned forward, sealing the space between their lips. And this time, after a moment of hesitation, he kissed back. Antonio’s lips were soft but confident, working over his own with a pleasant firmness. He reached up almost subconsciously as he reciprocated the action, laying his hand over his neck. But then, just as it was getting good, Antonio pulled back, smiling softly, “We can continue this later. But I don’t want either of us to catch cold!”

            Lovino glared at him, standing along with him, “Bastard.”

            Antonio laughed as he had earlier, gathering their fishing gear. As they walked back to the car he kissed his cheek, “Well I’d say that that was very successful!”

            “Successful? We didn’t catch a damn thing!”

            “Oh, I wouldn’t say that, Lovi,” Antonio snaked an arm around his waist, pulling him closer, “I caught you, didn’t I~?”

            He could feel himself blushing as he crossed his arms protectively over his chest, face setting into its conventional scowl. But somehow, he couldn’t bring himself to remove the warm hand that had settled over his waist. Only because he was cold, of course, “… Shut up, Antonio.”

Title: A Successful Outing
Rating: PG
Characters: Spain/Romano
Summery: Written for the prompt fishing. Antonio and Lovino have some old fashioned... fun? Is that the word?
Warnings: kissing~

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Tags: fanfic, hetalia, s. italy, spain

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