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Two 1st Snow Drabbles and One Christmas One

 Title: The Important Things                                                                 
Rating: G
Characters: Germany/N.Italy
Summery: Italy tells Germany about the importance of snow.


“Ludwig… Luuuudwiiig…”

Feliciano poked the German’s shoulder with an air of annoyance. How could he be sleeping through something as important as this?

“Ludwig, wake up!”

“…wha?” Feliciano’s face brightened. Finally Ludwig had-

“Go back to sleep Feliciano. We’ll talk about it in the morning.”

The Italian’s hands balled into tiny fists as he pouted. Why did Ludwig never listen to him? It would be too late by morning! Taking a deep breath he shifted onto his knees and leaned over the blonde’s head.


In two seconds flat Ludwig was up and pulling on his clothes. It took him a full minute to realize that there was no alarm, and to turn back and look at him, “Feliciano…” he started, just a bit menacingly.

But Feliciano didn’t notice at all, “Hi Ludwig! I’m glad your up because I have something important to show you!” Sliding off the bed he began pulling on his own clothes, “Keep getting dressed, okay? And when you’re done we can see it together.”


“Hey, Feli-”




“We’re standing in front of my door in the middle of the night. What exactly are we waiting for?”

“Okay, okay. I’ll show you now. But first,” he grabbed onto Ludwig’s arm, “You have to close your eyes.”

With an exasperated sigh Ludwig did as he was told. Before opening the door Feliciano waved a hand in front of his face just to check, then swung the great oaken portal open and dragged Ludwig out.

“Alright open your eyes………. Now!”

Feliciano watched in anticipation as the other’s eyes slowly opened and took in the scenery around them. He thought it was most beautiful thing in the world, but he wanted to see how Ludwig would react.

“Feliciano… what are we looking at?”

The brunet’s face fell but his smile was immediately replaced. Ludwig wasn’t one to understand these things anyway. He always needed them explained to him, which was weird in a good kind of way. Reaching up he planted a kiss of Ludwig’s cheek, “Look around you, Ludwig!” he whispered into his ear, “It’s the first snow of the year.”

Title: The Southern Lights
Rating: PG
Characters: Spain/Romano
Summery: Spain gives Romano a present to celebrate the first snow


“Lovino, Lovino!”

The aforementioned Italian looked up from his book as Antonio burst through his front door. The man was dressed in a heavy coat, and flecks of white dusted his dark curly hair, “It’s snowing!”

He stared at Antonio for a second, watching the snow melt off his shoulders and wondering for the millionth time why he was in a relationship with this idiot, “So? What’s your point?”

Antonio smiled and, ignoring his cries of protest, grabbed Lovino off the sofa, “Well, you’ll just have to come see!”

“Wait a second! Stop!” he tried to pull away but Antonio’s grip was tight on his wrist. Briefly he turned around and swore under his breath at the sight of his book, fallen closed without its bookmark, “This had better be good, bastard.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Antonio replied, “It’s going to be great!”

They walked through the sugar-frosted ground until they reached a small forest that bordered Lovino’s property. All of the leaves had long since fallen but a few pines stood out, a deep green against the brown and white. Winter birds danced among the branches as they tried to shake of the snow on their wings.

“Is this it?” Lovino asked, eyeing Antonio warily. As far as he could tell there wasn’t anything special going on.

“No, this isn’t it my precious little tomato,” he answered, grinning at the other’s scowl, “You need to close your eyes first.”

Sighing Lovino complied, knowing that when Antonio was in this kind of a mood nothing could stop him. After a few moments of silence he felt the Spaniard’s hands rest on his shoulders, “You can look now, Lovi.”

Doing as he was told, his mouth dropped as he took in the scene before him. Face going red, he couldn’t help a small ‘wow’ that escaped his lips.

What had moments ago been a dark forest had come alive with life. Tiny colored lights clung to every branch, and larger white ones decorated the trunks of the pines. It was as if the falling snow had been transformed into falling stars. A light breeze made the flakes swirl among the color before settling gently to the ground.

“Wha… What is… ” Lovino stuttered out.

Antonio kissed his forehead, “Its my present to you. I wanted something special to celebrate our first snow together.”

“Idiot. We’ve seen snow together before. Or have you forgotten all those years of indentured servitude?”

“But Lovi, I mean our first snow together together. As a couple. As two people who care about each other.”

“Yeah, well,” he ran his hands up and down his arms, “I guess that’s okay.”

“Huh?” Antonio turned him around, looking into his face, “Are you cold?”

“Of course I’m cold you bastard!” he bit back, “You dragged me all the way out here without a coat when its below freezing!”

Before Lovino knew what was happening Antonio had unzipped his coat, pulled him inside and closed it back up again. He struggled against the fabric, “Dammit, Antonio! This is not what I meant!”

Antonio grinned, “But its warmer now, right ”

“But that’s not the p-”

“You know if you put your arms around me there’ll be more room.”

After pausing for a moment Lovino slowly wraps his arms around Antonio’s waist, pressing their bodies closer together. He gazes back at the lights and then, “Hey, Antonio?”

“Yes, Lovino?”

Reaching up he plant’s a kiss on Antonio’s lips, soft and tender, and for once causing the older man to blush. He smirks at the reaction before placing his head on the other’s chest.


And the southern lights shine.

Title: The Truth About St. Nick
Rating: G
Characters: Spain, Romano, Holland, Spain/Romano if you squint real hard and add some Xmas magic~
Summery: On Christmas Spain and Romano are being followed. But by who, and why?


Romano cocked an eyebrow at Spain. It was Christmas so the older nation had insisted that they walk around Madrid and take in the decorations. Pulling his scarf tighter around his neck, Romano decided to voice the question that hag been nagging at the back of his mind.

“You do know we’re being followed, right?”

Spain, ever oblivious, jumped, “What? No we’re not.”

“Yes we are, you idiot!“ he jabbed a finger over his shoulder, “The guy’s been following us for over an hour!”

“Really?” Spain turned just as the man ducked into a shop, “I don’t see anyone following us.

Romano rolled his eyes and groaned. An idiot. A complete and utter idiot. As usual, “You dumbass! Could you just tell Holland to go home already?! I’m sure he has better things to do then follow us around,” he paused, “Then again if he’s following us maybe he doesn’t.”

“Huh? Holland?” Smiling, Spain placed a hand on Romano’s shoulder, “Why don’t you head back home, Romano,” he said, “I’ll take care of this and meet you there, okay?”

He shrugged, shaking off Spain’s hand, “Sure whatever. Just don’t take too long, bastard,” he walked forward then stopped, “You got any tomatoes?”

“Always, my little-”

“Don’t! Don’t say it,” he stated walking again, “I’m making pasta when I get back.”

Spain waved, “Sounds good, Romano! I’ll see you when I get there!”

Romano kept going for a few seconds, then stopped and turned back. Something was up and he was going to find out what. He slipped behind an outdoor display at a flower shop and poked his head over the pine needles. Holland had just started to walk down the street, casually approaching the still smiling Spain.

“You do this every year, Holland,” Spain said.

Sighing, Holland smiled in return, “I’m still hoping you’ll tell me one of these centuries.”

Tell him what... Romano wondered form his place behind the shrubs.

The two nations stood in silence for a few seconds until Spain broke the silence, “Aren’t you going to ask ”

“I thought you were tired of me asking,” Holland replied.

“It’s become a tradition, don’t you think ” he reached out his hand, “And this may be your lucky day.”

“Alright,” Holland grasped Spain’s hand with his own, “Does St. Nicholas really live here ”

Romano’s breath caught in his throat, What

Grinning, Spain shook his head, “I can’t tell you.”


I'm usually not one for author's notes, but here goes anyways. I read recently that it was a dutch tradition and belief that St Nicholas resided in Spain. Please correct me if I'm wrong but when I heard it I just couldn't resist writing something to that effect <3
Tags: fanfic, germany, hetalia, holland, n. italy, s. italy, spain

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